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So I hardly post here and just because I'm lazy there's no other reason. SO... I decided to compile a list of my memorable moments in 2008. So let's see...
1. Started to play World of Warcraft... ok I started a little before January BUT didn't start fully playing and trying to level until January. Wow... how much fun I had with this game. lol and it seems now that the new year is coming I no longer care to play. But maybe I'll get my love back later.
2. Camp D. Never been a full fan of Camp Dearborn where my entire dad's family try to make it to every year. The camp itself has died a little bit but I love being there the first few days. It's fun to get reaquainted with the family.
3.Movies of the year: 1. Stardust! 2. Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (ok not really the best movie but has a cute guy in it and I've always loved the Narnia books. 3. Bolt (Ok I didn't see this in Theaters but OMG I wish I had. It's so cute and the hamster sooo stole the movie). To be honest I haven't seen a lot of movies this year (I know omg suprise!) I was looking at the movie list trying to figure out what I had seen and realized I missed a lot of blockbusters but don't really care about missing them. For example: Incredible Hulk, Cloverfield, and James Bond being some bigs ones. Oh well.
6. :( Sad news is this is Stargate Atlantis' last season. Good news is that they are making a movie for them AND another for SG1. There's also the fact that there's going to be a new Stargate series. Not sure of the name or what it's about but there are already actors signed up. We'll see. I am going to watch it. :D
4. So this year has had some good people dying. The dear Mrs. Majel Barrett Roddenberry. :( Your voice will be missed but heck glad you were able to reprise you role in the new Star Trek. Heath Ledger, you poor guy. Michael Crichton, although I've only read one of your books I'm going ot start reading the rest. I'll miss your books.
5. Things that happened to me... Hmmm... Well I've passed all my classes and am getting better grades. WOOT! Went back to work with Bed Bath and Beyond. OH! The other day I found an iHome that was originally 99 dollars and bought it for 38 dollars. Heck yeah. Because it was a display model so it was half off then I got my 20% off of that as well. So that was cool. And let's not forget my EPIC moment of 2008. I am no longer a virgin... of tattoos sillies! I now have a tattoo. It's on my shoulder blade and cute. Kind of wish I had kept it 3X3 like I wanted but shrunk it down by 15%. It's of a celtic symbol. I can't take a picture yet because it's almost like a sunburn where it's dry and peeling. So I have to wait about three more weeks before I can take a picture of it. I want to add more to it. Make it pretty and more detailed. ATM it's just plain black. I'm think I should have asked that the shading be done in brown or something. Oh well.

What's I'm hoping or can't wait to happens next year:
1. I finally get a boyfriend and I'm drawing up the courage to ask him out... not sure if he likes me but hey, wth. Won't hurt to try.
2. I'm going to actually finish writing one of my books.
3. Get a cat. I really really really want a cat.
4. There are a couple new movies that I want to see. Names... lol can't remember. >.>
5. Stargate new series. Can't wait to find out what it's about or how it will become.

So I think that's it. Well it's been an alright year. Let's see how next year is. :)

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