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I bought the tickets for Star Trek IN Imax IN Chicago! Woot. I'm excited. 7 pm on Thursday! Woot! Can't wait. Going with the mother. We might make a day of it, or might not. Depends on when we wake up. But that's like a week away! :( Boo!

In other news, found out more about Stargate Universe. I'm still undecided whether I'm going to like it. Looks like they're filming it different. More "Documentary" type filming. If that means a lot of shaky cam I'm not going to like it. Looks like a team of people are going to be stuck on an Ancient ship far far FAR away, yet be able to contact Earth and stuff (sounds a little like Atlantis). The aliens they meet are really aliens and don't understand English and sounds like they'll be more CGI. It's interesting. Seems like they're going to have at least ONE gay character in the new SGU. Not that I mind. I find it fascinating. Apparently, the writers also wanted one for Atlantis and were going to hint at some new recurring characters, but when it got canceled naturally they couldn't. So we're just going to have to see how this goes.

Personal news, two more months before I move out of mom's and in with my cousin. I'm excited and kind of frightened at the same time. Mom think's I'm making a big mistake and I keep on telling her it's alright. Let me make my mistake and if it is I'll come back. Then she's all like "Well you've been in school so long. Why don't you stay and finish. Blah blah blah!" Grr! I'll get to the end when I get there. She can't stop me! And she knows it.

Two movies to mention that I saw recently and absolutely adore. One, 10 Inch Hero which is an awesome romantic movie. I'm not much for the "They lived happily ever after" movies. I find them very cliche. What I mean is the ones that focus on that with little to no action. But this one I found fun to watch. It's about four people who work at a sandwich shop and their romantic lives and what happens. It's cute. Each has her/his own story. OH yeah! Jensen Ackles!

Second movie was Outlander. I completely forgot about this movie last year or I would have seen it in theaters. I vaguely remember watching a trailer and thinking it looked cool, but didn't hear anything out it after that. It's about a man from an advanced civilization who crashes on Earth in 490 AD or something. He crashes in Iceland and get's captured by VIKINGS! He also brings an alien creature (on accident) and then has to fight it, and convince the Vikings that he's on their side while this creature is killing everyone. Great effects and creature looks badass! Kind of a sad story about the creatures, but overall good movie! Highly recommend if you love scifi! That's it.


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