Jul. 31st, 2007

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Well... My birthday is coming to an end. I'm kind of happy but  kind of sad at the same time. Today was just a blah day (but at the moment most of my days are just blah. I think all my energy is being used up at work). Anyway, I got most Happy Birthday wishes from those who count. A few people forgot but that's ok. :) The one person who I am a little surprised that forgot it was my birthday today is my father. But he has his new wife and he was injured recently so I guess I don't mind. I actually got a call from one of my cousins who I haven't really talked to. That surprised me and made me happy. :) I don't mind if my cousins forget. My family kind of hit a snag at the moment and we have a slight problem (which kind of ruined my b-day as well). But it's alright. I wondered if my father called me (because I was in an area that didn't have much reception) but then he could have left a message. Well... no use thinking about it. 30 more minutes and my birthday is done. OH! I got Hot Fuzz AND 300. Hell YEAH! So happy. Hope others have had a good day.


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